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Just for patients…what you can expect from the Lordex Program. [Just For Patients]

As our patient and guest, it is our mission to help you experience the greatest benefits possible. Our clinicians and care staff are dedicated to your needs.

You will most likely require 20-30 procedure sessions to regain functional capacity, restore spinal motion dynamics and decompress affected nerves. The average number of procedures to reach optimum spinal function for most patients is 25.

Each hour-long visit follows a simple protocol. We request that you kindly arrive 10 minutes early to complete a visual pain analog and prepare for your Lordex procedure.

You are invited to dress comfortably, many patients prefer warm up clothes to change into prior to treatment.

Before starting either the Lordex Decompression Unit or the RX1 Strength Machine, you will be asked to please remove any objects from your person and to visit the lavatory.

The doctor or physical therapist will determine at each procedure on which machine you will begin. On some days it may be appropriate to use the RX1 first, on others, the LDU.

Unless otherwise prescribed, the LDU procedure is 30 cycles of decompression of approximately 30 minutes. You are welcome to bring your favorite CD to enjoy while relaxing on the LDU, or choose from our audio library. During each procedure, you will be fitted with a pelvic harness and a chest vest. While you are comfortably positioned on your back, a knee wedge will support your legs and a small lordotic bladder will support your lumbar region. The Lordex decompression table slowly and gently separates to relieve you of pressure that pinches the nerves. This allows for vital circulation to be restored to the damaged, painful areas of the lower back. This stimulates your body’s natural healing process.

Following the 30 cycles of decompression, you will begin strength restoration therapy on the RX1 to re-stabilize your spine. Next to the leg muscles, the muscles of the lower back (erector spinae) are the largest muscle group in the body. Without the strength and support of these muscles, the low back becomes weak and unstable. The RX1 was designed to effectively make your back strong and stable.

Each RX1 procedure consists of 1. Pelvic stabilization. 2. Eccentric/concentric progressive resistance throughout your own range of motion in both flexion and extension and 3. Release.

During each session you will be coached on movement form, breathing, control and focus on the lumbar spine. The 60-80 flexion/extension repetitions introduce a kinetic activity that produces strength gain and stabilization.

The final procedure following the LDU and RX1 is the Lordex Stretch/Flex program. This involves passive stretching in a treatment suite performed by a Lordex therapist.
The goal of the Lordex Stretch/Flex program is to improve our guests’ overall range of motion and flexibility.

Please note, each of our guests will undergo approximately 25, one-hour sessions to advance from a state of dysfunction to restored functional capacity. Our doctors, therapists and care staff are committed to improving your quality of life. Your health and general well-being is our priority.

Lordex Expectations